How do you bring clarity to something as intangible as company culture?


The Culture Book

Creative Concept / Print Design / Copywriting
Created at Open Book Communications
Launch date: April 2018



Open Book is a small creative team whose distinct niche is helping mission-driven organizations tell their stories, and I saw a unique opportunity to invite people into Open Book’s own story in a captivating and tangible way. An "employee handbook" of sorts, the Culture Book spotlights the core beliefs, interests, and mantras of Open Book, and functions to bring clarity to its internal culture—because the more in sync they are as a team, the better they can serve their clients.


I concepted the project, led design, and contributed to copywriting—while working in tandem with the Open Book team at large to create a cohesive and engaging final product. Visually, I was interested in creating a book that both followed the Open Book brand and reflected the quirky creativity of the team. And because "story" is at the center of everything Open Book does, we were intentional that it read like a storybook.