Haus Salon x truelane

Growing old is a strange phenomenon. I mean, truly, how can you measure a life in years? What significance—what weight—does a number hold? Are we not beings who are constantly becoming? (I've said this phrase a lot lately. But I can't take credit. This guy coined it. You rock, Steve.)

And so, isn't our life a collection of moments? And transitions? Some are significant. A life-changing instant of beauty and light and. Some are simple. A haircut, perhaps. 

This shoot was nothing special. A simple haircut with truelane. But I like to think there is purpose (and beauty) in all that we do. I like to think that the images I make, though they may pass with time, hold a certain weight. 

I am grateful to shoot in such places as HAUS Salon. And I am grateful to shoot with such people as truelane and her stylist Emily. Some images (that hold a special weight for me.) 

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