Milan Highlights

Milan landed at a strange place in our trip. Just as Chelsea started feeling better, I picked up her head cold. We also happened to book our Airbnb on the loudest street in the city. And nostalgia for home started slowly creeping in. It was, as Chelsea had anticipated, our 'slump week.' 

It's the kind of thing you can't easily climb out of. So we embraced it. We skipped some shows. We ate good food. (And wow do I mean good food.) Shopped and sought out beauty. We took it slow, and we ended it with Lake Como. All of that, and a lot (a lot) of gelato, and Chelsea and I were back in shape for the last leg of our trip.

Italy, you were loud and you were colorful and you were dirty and you were beautiful and you were delicious and you were sickly and you were all the things you could've possibly been three weeks into a month-long journey. Thank you for that.