How do you galvanize people around periods and panties?



Creative & Brand Direction / Branding / Copywriting / Photography
Client: Khana
Launch date: October 2018



Without a solution to manage monthly cycles, over 8 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss one week of school every month. It’s a problem that Shayna Fowler, Khana founder, saw first-hand after graduating high school, and now, four years later, has set out to solve by way of social enterprise.

Khana—an ethical, women’s underwear brand—is based on the belief that when a girl’s basic needs are met, she can focus less on surviving in the world and more on transforming it. By following a Buy One, Give One model, Khana is working to provide period-proof panties to girls in need, starting in Uganda.


Working closely alongside Shayna, I created a strong story and a visual brand from the ground up—taking it from a mere concept to a fully developed brand that compelled nearly 800 people to back and successfully fund the $75,000 Kickstarter campaign in 2018, and garnered the attention of Forbes, Elle, and Kourtney Kardashian. The work for Khana is ongoing and I have continued to evolve and grow the brand.


In an industry that often exploits and over-sexualizes women, Khana is committed to being thoughtful, humanizing, and dignifying.

This is why I intentionally designed a simple logo for Khana. The sans-serif embodies strength and poise, and its simplicity allows the brand to evolve without outgrowing its core identity.


How do you visually communicate ‘dignity’? I asked this question continuously as I built the brand.

For Khana, dignity means recognizing the inherent value of another person—it pays no mind to added frills, and it looks beyond gender norms. I chose colors and typefaces that reflect that.

For example, Khana’s colors echo naturally occurring tones and defy stereotypical ‘feminine’ hues. 

The serif typeface has noticeable character with elegant curves and sharp edges. And the sans-serif acts as an interchangeable, neutralizing counterpart.


Key graphic for Khana’s 2018 Kickstarter campaign.

The choice to forgo the expected thumbnail of Khana’s product—panties—and instead showcase an intimate portrait of a woman was intentional, both to break through the over-saturated underwear market on Kickstarter, and to communicate Khana’s commitment to the dignity of all people.


To solve for the problem of not having a physical product to photograph prior to launching the Kickstarter, I focused the narrative on Khana’s mission, which is bigger than underwear.

Leading with strength and raw beauty, I art directed and photographed a collection of images that capture the sheer power of women.


In addition to imagery, I art directed Khana’s campaign video, which introduces the Kickstarter to viewers and compels them to back it.

Cinematographer and Producer: Ricardo Camacho
Motion Design:
Greg Stewart


These are a few of the posts I created and shared on Khana’s social media platforms throughout the Kickstarter campaign.