How can a studio be more than a physical space?


The Frances

Branding / Brand Direction
Client: John & Maura Stoffer
Launch date: March 2018



The Frances is a photo studio & creative space for Chicago, founded by two multidisciplinary photographers. Before they signed the lease to a 1000 sq. ft. studio early 2018, and before it even had a name, John and Maura Stoffer dreamed of a space that would foster hospitality, beauty, and generosity in Chicago. The two envisioned something that would not only celebrate the creative heartbeat of their city, but also allow space for people to come together and serve it.


I partnered with John and Maura to create a brand that matches the contemporary and inviting aesthetic of the studio they designed. In addition to leading the branding, I helped the Stoffers clarify and communicate the values and larger story of The Frances.


Moodboard used to craft the Frances identity


When you first enter The Frances, you are met with a striking, patterned, marble floor tile (featured in the previous moodboard.) This was an intentional decision made by the Stoffers to generate an immediate feeling of beauty and luxury. Inspired by this, I designed the logo to echo the shape of the tile.

At the heart of The Frances is the desire to foster community in Chicago, and the stacked branches create a sense of coming together to create something beautiful.

Paired with the classic type, the full logo lockup looks modern, timeless, and tasteful.


Interior elements of The Frances, designed by John and Maura Stoffer


Mockup window decal for the Frances’ street-level entry


Through the process of building a visual identity for The Frances, I brought clarity and language to the elements the Stoffers most strongly wanted for their space to embody—beauty, hospitality, and generosity.


Homepage of the Frances website—where creatives can explore upcoming events or book the studio for themselves. The studio space is minimal and bright, and I built the website to match.


Business cards