How do you engage a modern generation of students with the vision of a classical school?


The Stony Brook School

Print Design / Photography
Created at Open Book Communications
Launch date: September 2017



The Stony Brook School is a boarding school in Long Island, founded in 1922, with an emphasis on cultivating life-long learners and leaders. As part of a larger campaign, the Open Book team created a tangible “Look Book” to stir pride among stakeholders and tell a compelling story to new audiences. Using a series of dynamic and bold portraits, the book makes students and faculty the star. Building upon the central idea of “learners and leaders,” we layered it with a multiplicity of themes—innovation, faith & culture, diversity, etc.—while threading wisdom and imagination through it all.


Under direction of our creative director, and in close partnership with our writer, I designed the 92-page book, using a mixture of historical imagery and bold portraits. I also photographed the suite of Stony Brook portraits, which were used across print, digital, and video materials. Together, we created a final product that tells the Stony Brook story and shares its vision in a striking and tangible way.


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