How do you merge two bodies of work under one name and vision?



Branding / Brand Direction
Client: Kadi & Laura Vail
Launch date: November 2018



Vail is a visual art collective for humans, by humans. Those humans are Kadi (a photographer of 10 years) and Laura (a filmmaker of 5 years.) Both are wildly talented. Following their marriage in 2017, it only made sense to combine forces. Under their shared surname—Vail—they started a visual art collective that allowed for them to merge their work without sacrificing individual style. Kadi and Laura asked me to bring the brand to life.


Working closely with both Kadi and Laura, I helped to bring clarity to the Vail story, and then created a visual brand that embodies the heart and soul of the collective.


Moodboard used to craft the Vail brand—highlighting motion, intimacy, playfulness, and the essence of humanity.


Strong and emotionally vulnerable, this italicized mark echoes Kadi and Laura’s willingness to press into raw moments whilst creating meaningful work.

As the dominant letterform, the ‘V’ is reminiscent of feminine strength and poise. And the mixed capitalization speaks to Kadi and Laura’s personable and unpretentious nature as artists.

I was intentional to create an identity that could span both Laura’s independent films and Kadi’s birth images, motion shots and still-captures—while representing both the work they’re creating today and what they dream of shooting years from now.


I designed the website to reflect Kadi and Laura’s intentionality and personable nature—as an experience that is less a gallery of work, and more a conversation.


Business cards


Tagline badge. (Image by Yan Palmer.)