Stronger Than You Think
For International Women’s day, seven Critical Mass creatives designed a series of limited edition shirts and stickers—each individually inspired by the power and prowess of women.

I designed this shirt with two brilliant writers. Inspired by our grandmas, our mothers, athletes, and artists, we wanted to tell a story of the strength these women possess—each of them stronger than she thinks. For the design, I chose a typeface that takes up space—one that pushes the limits of legibility and can’t be summed up in a single glance.

Agency: Critical Mass
Copywriters: Lauren Ophang, Jaclyn Hamer

Typeface: Dot19 by Metis Foundry
Graphic Design
© Alex Ry, LLC. 2024
Available for select work
Online: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn
IRL: Washington D.C.