Artist, Designer, and Stationer—building a tactile creative practice in Washington DC.

Through thoughtful design and playful creativity, I communicate abstract ideas in a delightfully simple manner. With 11+ years of career experience across design, advertising, and photography industries, I am uniquely skilled at finding the underlying story and bringing it to life.

I approach my creative practice as something both sacred and ordinary—something that allows me to explore big ideas with my own two hands. No matter the medium, my practice is driven by my love for light, the Natural world, and clever storytelling—with special attention paid to the tactile details of each piece.

When I’m not making things, I enjoy playing with my pup (Bettie Egg), hanging out with trees, and listening to movie scores. 

Available for select work


Graphic Design
Identity Design
Digital Design

Art Direction
Brand Strategy

Past experience

Lafayette American (2021-2022)
Praytell (2021)
Critical Mass (2019-2021)
Open Book Communications (2015-2018)


Graphis (2023)
Communication Arts (2023)
AIGA Bold (2019)
Forbes (2018)

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Available for select work
Online: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn
IRL: Washington D.C.